Computer Monitoring Software

Product Line: StatWin Single Lite
Release Date: November 15, 2012
Description: Computer Monitoring Software
Supports Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32-bit, 64-bit)
Supports Windows Server 2012/2008/2003 (32-bit, 64-bit)

Computer monitoring software at a glance

These days, when it’s not at all uncommon for an average household to own several shared computers and companies have hundreds and thousands of workstations, the importance of security – and online security in particular – comes to the forefront. Any caring parent wants to fend off unwanted strangers from social networks and keep their children out of their reach for apparent reasons. Similar concerns arise in relation to adult websites, sites with inappropriate content and file exchange networks with pirated and unrated content. In the corporate world, security concerns lie in a slightly different plane. For businesses, information security, protection of intellectual property and non-violation of copyright laws are the top priorities. However, both parents and employers often share the same approach to ensuring the safety of their families and personnel - an approach that involves the use of computer monitoring software. Today, computer monitoring software comes in all shapes and forms: for enterprise and home use, with a focus on all activities or specific actions only, offering excessive flexibility for professionals or featuring just a few essential controls and a lot more. Therefore, the choice of computer monitoring software should be based on the analysis of the environment it will be used in and the possible range of its applications.

Computer monitoring software should not be confused with spying software or spyware. In order for computer monitoring software to become legitimate, it must be installed by the owner of the monitored system and all of its users must be notified of their being monitored. In this case, computer monitoring software becomes not only a measure of prevention of all kinds of computer crimes and virus infections, but also a legitimate and efficient deterrent of any attempts to deliberately violate corporate security policies. There is also one type of the possible use of computer monitoring software that people rarely think of – self-monitoring, a kind of monitoring that is used by individuals to collect detailed PC usage statistics and analyze their own behavior to see if their time is used efficiently.

As a rule, computer monitoring software covers nearly every aspect of the use of a monitored system and especially users’ network activities: IM chats, site browsing, email exchange, file transfers, modem usage and so on. Apart from this, computer monitoring software logs other activities, such as key and mouse presses, manipulations with files, folders and installed applications, launching of applications and more. Good computer monitoring software does not just register specific events, but provides details of each registered user’s action, such as time, duration and user account name, and enables the administrator to configure the system’s reaction to them. The latter can be anything from showing a warning message to performing a force close of a program or freezing the system altogether.

Finally, proper computer monitoring software must be able to report users’ actions to the admin, either in the form of text logs or in the form of text logs combined with instant notifications sent via various channels or screenshots taken upon a specific event or with certain periodicity. Detailed and easy-to-understand reports are just as important in computer monitoring software as its monitoring components and engine.

Our site offers all kinds of computer monitoring software for a variety of purposes and usage scenarios, so feel free to browse or selection of user surveillance tools.

This compact computer monitoring software will help you track users’ logins to see how frequently they log off of their accounts or reboot the system. Multiple startups during a short period of time may indicate either a hardware or software problem, a virus or continuous attempts to modify system settings that require the system to be rebooted. Download this compact and free computer monitoring software to be able to track every system startup on monitored systems and detect suspicious behavior before any harm is done.

Small, yet powerful, this computer monitoring software was created with a single, yet important purpose – constant monitoring of processes running on the target machine. Process monitoring can help solve a number of problems: from identifying applications and services that drain too much system memory to detecting viruses and Trojans that disguise themselves as system processes. This computer monitoring software can also help identify applications that users launch on monitored systems or applications that are launched without users knowing about it.

Modem monitoring is one of the many tasks that computer monitoring software can handle. Modems can be used for establishing direct connections to various systems and devices around the world, so they are a perfect channel for discretely transferring confidential business information bypassing email, FTP, IM and other types of connections. This powerful computer monitoring software was specifically designed to monitor the use of modems on target computers and identify potentially dangerous and suspicious connections.

Since most types of malware, spyware and other unwanted software types tend to discreetly connect to remote servers without letting users know about it, proper computer monitoring software should be able to track such connections and make them easy to identify and close them. This particular computer monitoring software logs all connections made by monitored systems to remote servers and records relevant details: time, duration, process name and path, IP address (or domain name) of the remote server and the port used to establish the connection.

The initial and still primary purpose of any computer monitoring software is to answer a rather simple question – what are my employees doing, if not working? Do they ever do anything on their computers when they are supposed to? This handy tool is a special kind of computer monitoring software with a narrow focus on users’ activities. The program enables you to see how long a user has been active on a particular system, how much time they spent doing something and how long their idle time lasted – that is, get an overall picture of user activities.

When it comes to identifying the program that the user spends most of their time in, computer monitoring software is a perfect solution for this task. Computer monitoring software has been traditionally used for identifying programs and types of activities that employees or students spend most of their time in. This specialized tool is a type of computer monitoring software that monitors target systems and collects statistics on users’ activities by running processes, so that you can see where they mostly typed and where they mostly clicked.

Mouse is the primary controller used for browsing the web and playing online computer games. Therefore, if you need to know where your employees or students spend most of their time clicking their mouse buttons instead of typing, you need exactly this type of computer monitoring software. This narrowly-focused tool is the type of computer monitoring software that keeps track of all mouse clicks made by users on monitored systems and collects statistics related to each click: time, process name, window title, mouse button type, etc.

Although computer monitoring software is mostly used to monitor users’ activities on the web, you should not forget that Intranets in many companies grow huge and can also be used for stealing data. This particular computer monitoring software tracks connections to the monitored system from the LAN and helps identify the source of a data leak in case one takes place. This tool captures a number of important parameters, such as the name of the connected computer, name of its user, connection time and so on.

As a rule, a computer connected to a corporate network possesses some resources that it shares with other users: files, connections, printing devices and so forth. Proper computer monitoring software, such as this tool, keeps track of all connections to shared resources, thus making it easier to restore the chain of events during an internal investigation of any sort. This computer monitoring software collects all relevant and potentially useful details about all LAN connections to shared resources located on monitored systems.

As an employer or administrator of a corporate network, you want to be sure that your IT infrastructure is 100% secure and that users are not installing any program they want or think they need, since unchecked software may contain viruses and other types of malware. This computer monitoring software will register any installation performed on target systems and will give you more clues when something does go wrong. If you need highly-specialized computer monitoring software to keep an eye on users’ program installations, this is the one to go with.

Today, when plugging a USB stick into a computer and copying a few gigabytes of data often takes seconds, this simple method of stealing data can be far more efficient than more high-tech approaches. Computer monitoring software that keeps a log of all USB connections can help an investigation (if corporate data have indeed leaked) or prevent further leaks by analyzing USB-related activities of users. This compact, easy-to-use and affordable computer monitoring software is all you need for efficient USB monitoring.

Computer monitoring software was created to monitor users’ actions, but it’s the data, the files that its creators meant to protect. This computer monitoring software is scrupulous enough to capture every meaningful file operation on the monitored system, so you will always know what files were used, by whom, for how long and when. These details may provide evidence in case of an investigation or help detect strange behavior well before any data get stolen or corrupted, so if you are serious about data security, make sure to grab yourself a copy!

Screenshots have been traditionally used in computer monitoring software as a simple, yet very efficient means of reporting about users’ actions to the monitoring station. This small, yet powerful and reliable program is just the type of computer monitoring software that allows you to configure the screenshot capturing process and comfortably browse screenshots taken by monitoring agents. For each screenshot, the program provides such details as user name, time taken, process name and window title, among others. If looking for truly simple, yet fully functional computer monitoring software that does its job perfectly, don’t miss this one!