Knowing how much time users spend on their computers doing their work and how much time is wasted is key to understanding performance issues and production bottlenecks. Since conventional task tracking systems may not be able to provide the full picture or lack detail, you need proper computer monitoring software to perform high-quality round-the-clock activity monitoring.

StatWin Single Lite: Activity Monitoring is a compact, narrowly-focused and powerful user activity monitor that keeps track of all activities of users on monitored system and generates well-structured activity reports. In a nutshell, this activity logger registers periods of activity and idle periods, as well as their duration, the name of the monitored user and the number of key presses and mouse clicks made during active periods. You can use these parameters to assess users’ performance and make conclusions about their work discipline. For instance, this activity monitoring tool may be used for finding out if a technical writer who reported the completion of a large document has actually done that with just a few thousand key presses and thousands of mouse clicks made during the workday. It may well be a sign that this employee was playing browser games instead of working on this document.

StatWin Single Lite: Activity Monitoring is a handy activity logger that will help you make educated decisions about your employees’ performance.

StatWin Single Lite: Activity Monitoring 8.7.6 FREEWARE [2.4 Mb]