Uncontrolled installation of programs downloaded from the Internet on corporate computers may be very dangerous, since many of these programs may contain viruses, sniffers or trojans. If you want more control over your userís installations for security reasons, make sure that the computer monitoring software you are using has installation monitoring functionality. A software installation monitor can help you identify potentially dangerous installations and make sure that the set of programs being installed on a particular system corresponds to this systemís userís job profile.

StatWin Single Lite: Installation Monitoring is a handy program installation monitor that helps network administrators understand what kind of programs users are installing and uninstalling on their systems. In some situations, this may help prevent the spreading of a virus or identify the source of a data leak, so having such a software installation monitor for 24/7 installation monitoring is a very good idea, especially for networks with large amounts of business-critical data. StatWin Single Lite: Installation Monitoring has an extremely simple user interface and records the following parameters: user name, date and time of installation, duration of the operation, application name and action type (installation, uninstallation, location). For convenience, you can sort the list by program name and action type.

For full control over program installations on monitored network systems, try StatWin Single Lite: Installation Monitoring Ė itís a small tool with a huge potential!

StatWin Single Lite: Installation Monitoring 8.7.6 FREEWARE [2.4 Mb]