Modern viruses are complex applications that actively use available Internet connections to communicate with remote servers and other malware agents to upload data stolen from infected systems and replicate themselves. This is why an Internet monitoring solution and specifically an Internet process monitor must be made a standard component of the computer monitoring software package in any company.

StatWin Single Lite: Internet Process Monitoring provides the necessary functionality to monitor and log all external connections made by processes running on the monitored system. This method of Internet monitoring makes it possible to identify possible sources of data leaks and detect malware disguised as regular system processes by their connections to third-party servers. Although this Internet monitoring program is primarily intended for network and security professionals, its simple interface and convenient reporting capabilities make it a good choice for advanced users looking for a reliable Internet monitoring tool.

StatWin Single Lite: Internet Process Monitoring logs a broad range of relevant parameters: from user names and connection date/time to session duration, port used, remote server address, process name and path to the corresponding executable file. Use this Internet process monitor to keep malicious programs and processes at bay!

StatWin Single Lite: Internet Process Monitoring 8.7.6 FREEWARE [2.4 Mb]