With the advent of wireless connectivity and widely available broadband Internet connections, few people now really care about modems in fact, many may not know how a modem looks like. At the same time, modems are the physical devices that connect you to the outer world and are the last frontier between your private information and files and the entire world. Since modems can establish direct connections to other modems, modem monitoring is naturally one of the key functions of any computer monitoring software.

StatWin Single Lite: Modem Monitoring is a special type of computer monitoring software that functions as a dedicated modem monitor. The program enables you to collect comprehensive statistical information on the use of modems installed in the monitored system and dial-up connections established by them. The tool captures a number of parameters that can be used to investigate data leaks and analyze suspicious user behavior, including the user name, date and time of connection, its duration, connection name, speed and amount of data sent and received.

StatWin Single Lite: Modem Monitoring is a powerful modem monitor that helps prevent leaks of critical information through 24/7 modem monitoring and detailed logging.

StatWin Single Lite: Modem Monitoring 8.7.6 FREEWARE [2.4 Mb]