Since the mouse is the primary controller used in modern desktop operating systems, it’s no surprise that its use is the primary indicator of user activity on a monitored system. This activity can be tracked with the help of specialized computer monitoring software called a mouse logger. Programs of this type combine the functionality of a mouse monitor and a mouse click counter to let the administrator know if users are actually using their systems as intended and whether they are active enough. In certain situations, a low number of mouse clicks can point to employees or students who are doing something they are not supposed to – like watching a movie, for instance.

StatWin Single Lite: Mouse Logger is a very compact and intuitive mouse monitor created with a single purpose – help network administrators and managers understand how employees’ computers are used by providing mouse click counter statistics and names of processes involved. This mouse logger records the names of processes (applications) where the user was using the mouse and provides detailed statistics, including the user name, name of the process (and path to its executable file), periods of use, window header name and number of mouse clicks (per button). All you need to do to view detailed statistics for a specific process is to double-click its name!

StatWin Single Lite: Mouse Logger 8.7.6 FREEWARE [2.4 Mb]