Networks make it possible to share resources: files, folders, peripheral devices and so on. However, little or no control over resource sharing may be dangerous, so if you run a relatively large network, make sure you have proper computer monitoring software and network monitoring tools in place.

StatWin Single Lite: Network File Monitoring is a network file monitoring solution for network administrators and managers looking for advanced file monitoring capabilities combined with ease of use and an attractive price. This network file monitoring tool can be used for monitoring a specific valuable resource in your network or tracking all connections to monitored systems. StatWin Single Lite: Network File Monitoring collects the following parameters: name of the user accessing the system, access date and time, access duration, names of accessed resources (paths) and userí access rights. As a rule, this file monitoring information appears sufficient for any kind of investigation.

StatWin Single Lite: Network File Monitoring will help you keep an eye on the use of shared network resources and track the source of a problem in case of a data security incident. Its simplicity, reliability and comfort of use really make it stand out from the crowd of other network monitoring tools on the market.

StatWin Single Lite: Network File Monitoring 8.7.6 FREEWARE [2.4 Mb]