Even if you have managed to protect all the computers in your corporate LAN from external threats coming from the Internet, donít rest on your laurels Ė critical business data can be easily accessed and stolen from your local network, so this is also an area where computer monitoring software can be efficiently used. If you are looking for network monitoring software that would track local connections to monitored systems, you wonít find a better network surveillance tool than StatWin Single Lite: Network User Monitoring.

StatWin Single Lite: Network User Monitoring is an extremely compact network user monitor with a no-brainer interface and advanced network surveillance functionality. This network monitoring software registers LAN connections to a monitored system and records a number of important parameters that can be used for an investigation afterwards: the connected userís account name, the local name of the connected system (or its IP address), connection time and date and the length of the idle time of the connected system during the monitored period. By default, the program shows a list of registered connections, so you can click them to get detailed network surveillance information.

If you need a reliable tool that will remotely collect detailed information about LAN connections to monitored systems, donít miss StatWin Single Lite: Network User Monitoring!

StatWin Single Lite: Network User Monitoring 8.7.6 FREEWARE [2.4 Mb]