Processes are key to understanding whatís happening in the operating system. For a professional system administrator, a snapshot of running processes provides everything or almost everything necessary for identifying the source of a problem or even detecting a security problem. If you are in charge of a corporate network and want to be sure that there are no keyloggers, sniffers or trojans running on your usersí computers, you need to use computer monitoring software, and, specifically, a process monitoring tool.

StatWin Single Lite: Process Monitoring is a completely free remote process monitor that provides a complete overview of processes running on a monitored system and keeps a detailed process log that can be used for security analysis or investigations of data leaks. Not only can this handy process monitor help keep malicious software at bay, but also determine performance bottlenecks, troubleshoot known issues and generally manage monitored systems more efficiently. StatWin Single Lite: Process Monitoring is a compact, yet powerful process log viewer and is just the right type of computer monitoring software that administrators need to keep their usersí systems clean of viruses, stable, fast and under full control.

StatWin Single Lite: Process Monitoring 8.7.6 FREEWARE [2.4 Mb]