Knowing the frequency of startups of a specific userís computer is important at least for two purposes. The very fact of frequent startups of a monitored system may indicate a problem that should be diagnosed and dealt with. On the other hand, it may be as sign of software experiments that the user is running on this system, since most system changes require the computer to be rebooted. Finally, knowing the exact time of system startups may help you, as an employer, to track usual check-in times of your employees and see how they observe their schedule. If you want to be able to do any of that, you canít do without a reliable startup monitor!

StatWin Single Lite: Startup Monitoring is a small, yet powerful and easy to use solution for monitoring OS startup frequency on remote systems for any purposes Ė from purely diagnostic to investigative. This startup inspector is a great example of well-thought-out computer monitoring software that consumes a minimum of system resources, works discreetly and captures just enough information for meaningful analysis.

Download StatWin Single Lite: Startup Monitoring to be able to monitor the OS startup event on other systems. This startup inspector is easier to use than you think, so donít miss a chance to get your copy of this excellent computer monitoring software right now!

StatWin Single Lite: Startup Monitoring 8.7.6 FREEWARE [2.4 Mb]