USB is everywhere these days. Used in all kinds of storage devices, the technology makes our life a lot easier, and yet creates opportunity for quick – and sometimes very quick – and easy theft of confidential data. A fast USB drive can be plugged into a computer within seconds and the data can be copied just as fast, thus creating a very serious problem. And since you can’t prevent data from being copied to USB drives, you can use specialized computer monitoring software to be able to identify the source of data leaks, should they take place.

StatWin Single Lite: USB Monitoring is a compact USB logger that will take good care of all your USB monitoring needs. This program registers every USB connection on a monitored system and logs it along with relevant parameters that can be used during an investigation. Being a specialized USB connection monitor, StatWin Single Lite: USB Monitoring registers the following details: user name, connection date and time, connection duration, device ID, number and description. For your convenience, the program offers additional filtering options.

StatWin Single Lite: USB Monitoring is a great USB logger that perfectly solves the problem of remote USB monitoring in corporate networks.

StatWin Single Lite: USB Monitoring 8.7.6 FREEWARE [2.4 Mb]